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Santa Ana Vehicle Wraps
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Santa Ana Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps and graphics may not be the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone says “signage.” Still, they’re a unique and practical way to give your brand more visibility, more attention, not to mention an added layer of protection.

custom full vehicle wrap

Focus Signs & Graphics is a trusted vehicle wrap and graphics provider here in the Santa Ana area, and we’re proud of the high-quality of work we produce. We have successfully delivered vehicle wrap projects for countless clients and have helped give their presence a boost through eye-catching and impactful vinyl wraps for all types of vehicles. Whether you want to give your cars, vans, golf carts, or even your entire bus fleet a new look—one that gives brand recognition a boost too—Focus Signs & Graphics is here for you!

As a full-service sign company, we don’t just grab designs off the internet, print them, and then stick them onto your car. We make sure that you get vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics that clearly speak your brand and connect with your target market. Our team of graphic and signage artists create a custom design for your wrap that we print with superior quality ink on high-grade vinyl using our large-format printers. We laminate it for you and expertly install it on your vehicle for a seamless finish.

Whether you’re looking to have your vehicle wrapped for the first time or just upgrading the wrap that you already have, Focus Signs & Graphics is ready to apply, remove, replace, and polish vinyl vehicle wraps just for you. We are a trusted signage provider for businesses and organizations of all types here in Santa Ana, CA and we look forward to being your partner in business visibility and brand awareness!

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Focus Signs & Graphics is the leading provider for premium vehicle wraps in Santa Ana, which is great news for those who are looking for full vehicle wraps. But if you’re like some other businesses who aren’t really looking for those, we’ve got even more signage solutions that can best suit your needs such as vinyl graphics, partial wraps, and vehicle magnets.

Santa Ana Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom commercial van wrap

Transform your ordinary automobile into a mobile advertising tool for your brand by getting it fully wrapped in stunning, custom-designed vinyl. No matter what vehicle you’re driving, a full vehicle wrap by Focus Signs & Graphics is sure to give your business/organization a lot of visibility and exposure wherever you go.

On top of its advertising and promotional advantages, full vehicle wraps are also an extremely practical alternative for giving your car, truck, bus, or motorcycle a new look. Not only is it a more versatile than repainting your car, it also adds another layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint. The full wraps we offer here at Focus Signs & Graphics are tough enough to stand against the everyday Santa Ana weather, staying attractive and effective for years despite rain, heat, and sun.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphics

A full vehicle wrap isn’t what all businesses are looking for, some are actually more drawn to the visual appeal and economical benefits of partial wraps. Partial wraps allow you to highlight only specific sections of your vehicle and to use them as the focal point for the message you want to convey. With strategic design and flawless application, partial wraps are highly effective in drawing in the attention of your target audience and are cost-effective, too!

You can choose to put the focus on your vehicle’s roof, side panels, doors, windows, hood, or even hatch, Focus Signs & Graphics will make it happen for you. With our tools, technology, and talented team of signage experts, we are confident that we can give you the partial wrap that will not only up your vehicle’s visual appeal but will also effectively promote and advertise your business, brand, and organization (and for a lower price, too!).

Vinyl Graphics

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

For some people, vehicle wraps really aren’t what they’re looking for. Getting entire sections of their car may be too big a commitment for them or it may cost a bit more than they’re willing to shell out. If you’re one of these people, you don’t have to worry because you’ve still got signage options available for your vehicle.

As a complete signage provider, Focus Signs & Graphics also offers premium vinyl graphics custom designed, fabricated, and cut to individually applied to your vehicle’s surface. They’re cheaper than wraps and are much easier to update or replace. Whether you’re looking to have your business name on your truck, your business logo on your car, or promotional information on your fleet of buses, we’ll make that happen.

Vehicle Magnets

car magnet

If you’re a fan of how vinyl wraps and graphics look and how extremely helpful they are in brand promotion and business growth but can’t quite commit to having them on your vehicle long term, then you might want to check out custom vehicle magnets by Focus Signs & Graphics.

Vehicle magnets are ideal for those who have more than one vehicle and intend to use them for business functions on different days. You can apply, remove, and reapply them to another vehicle effortlessly. Here at Focus Signs & Graphics, we have the facilities to customize your vehicle magnet into the shape, size, design, colors, and finishes that best suit your business. We make sure that you get the best quality vehicle magnets for maximum impact and brand promotion.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window film

One of the best things about vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics is that every inch of space on your vehicle has the potential to be a canvas for promotional opportunities. What about windows, you ask? Yes, even windows can be used as advertising space with high-quality perforated window film by Focus Signs & Graphics.

Perforated window film that we produce allow you to place advertising and promotional content on the windows of your truck, car, bus, or van without compromising vision during driving. Allowing see-through vision on one side but restricted visibility on the other, perforated window film adds a degree of privacy to your riding and driving experience as you giving your business the brand visibility, exposure, and promotion that it needs.

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

custom vinyl food truck wrap

Here at Focus Signs & Graphics, we take pride in our ability to provide unique solutions to Santa Ana businesses’ unique vehicle wrap needs. Whether it’s for business or personal use, we’ve got professional vehicle wraps custom-made for your cars, trucks, trailers, buses, minivans, motorcycles, and even golf carts.

From conceptualization, design, production, to installation, Focus Signs & Graphics is here to make sure you get the best quality vehicle wraps and graphics for the most reasonable price. One way we do this is by using only high-grade, colorfast vinyl and premium ink.

By understanding who your organization is, what you do, who you cater to, what you need your vehicle wraps to do for you, where you are located, and what your budget is, our team ensures that your wrap design complements your branding and at the same time effectively conveys the message you want to send your target audience.

As a complete provider of vinyl vehicle wrap and graphics solutions, we want you to find the perfect solution for your vehicle wrap needs, which is why we offer a wide variety of signage options to choose from.

Our vehicle wrap services include:

If you’re looking to get on-site signage solutions as well, Focus Signs & Graphics can help you out with that as well. We are the go-to company for Santa Anaestablishments when it comes to outdoor signs, indoor signs, vinyl signs, custom signs, and other business signs.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

Expand your promotional reach and connect with more people from more places with promotional car wraps by Focus Signs & Graphics. By taking your branding with you wherever you go, you can give your business more exposure, get higher customer footfall, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Vinyl wraps are also an excellent way to protect your car from scratches, dings, and rust. We use only heavy-duty that give your car a brand new look and keep it that way for a long time. Whether you desire to give your car a new look with a nice vinyl wrap or you already have one and just need it upgraded, Focus Signs & Graphics has got you covered!

Your Designs, Perfected

custom airplane graphics

Focus Signs & Graphics is a full-service company and we do more than lift designs off the internet and print them out for you. We have a strong team of sign experts who have the experience and expertise in designing and producing custom vehicle wraps that attract and impress.

If you already have a wrap design in mind, that’s great! We can print them out for you with premium ink on high-grade vinyl using state-of-the-art printers. We also laminate them for you and carry out seamless installation onto your vehicle. If you don’t have a design, don’t worry. Our talented graphic designers are ready to work closely with you and create a design that works best for your brand.

Vehicle wraps and graphics by Focus Signs & Graphics are custom-crafted to perfectly suit your business goals, branding, target market, vehicle type, and budget. To do this effectively, we start off with an initial consultation with one of our vehicle wraps experts completely free of charge. This is where we learn about what your vehicle wraps are and what solutions Focus Signs & Graphics has to help you out.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom vehicle wrap installation

Focus Signs & Graphics has been a trusted vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics provider for many Santa Ana businesses and organizations, and we believe that the key to earning trust is by providing excellent products and outstanding customer support. This is exactly what we aim for day in and day out.

We work closely with every client and walk with them throughout the entire production process. It starts with a free one-on-one consultation with one of our most tenured vehicle wraps experts. We use this time to gather necessary details about your business, your brand, your signage needs, etc. Using the information that we gather, we then come up with a proposal and mock-up of the vehicle wrap that we believe suits your needs. At this stage, you are free to remove, add, revise elements of the design.

Once we have an approved design for the wrap, we then start the production process. When the wrap is ready for installation, our team of professional wrap installers then get to work and carefully apply the wrap to your vehicle in ensure a seamless finish. They also take care of any wrap removal, replacement, or repairs.

Focus Signs & Graphics helps you from start to finish. We see to it that you are accommodated and listened to every step of the way. We provide the best quality service possible with the quickest turnaround time for the most reasonable price. We look forward to serving you!

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Santa Ana Vehicle Wraps focus logoFocus Signs & Graphics is proud of the quality of work that we deliver and we are proud of our commitment to delivering exceptional customer support throughout the entire process. We want to give you impressive, full-color, durable, custom-designed vinyl wraps for any type of vehicle you may have.

Our goal is to support your business growth by giving you vehicle wraps that get noticed, get remembered, draw people in, and make an impact. We want to be your one-stop vehicle wraps and graphics shop.

Call Focus Signs & Graphics at (714) 695-5459 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!