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Newport Beach Indoor Signs


Indoor signs may not be as loud or conspicuous as outdoor signs, but their role in achieving excellent customer experience is just as important. Your need for impressive and impactful signage doesn’t stop the moment your business’s exterior signage succeeds in getting customers to step inside your building. This just means that it’s your indoor signs’ turn to do its job.

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

With quality design, craftsmanship, and installation, your interior signage can give customers, staff, and visitors the information and support that they need while inside your building/space. They help your business achieve easy and hassle-free navigation, safe and organized working environment, smooth and efficient operations, ultimately influencing your customers’ buying decisions and boosting the bottom line.

It’s important to remember, though, not all indoor signs have the same impact and effect. Safety signs, for example, are very useful in keeping your space safe but can’t achieve brand promotion the way channel letter lobby signs can. In order for you to get the results you want, you need to get the exact type of indoor sign that meets your signage needs, branding, location, objective, and even budget.

Getting the perfect indoor signage for your facility can be quite a challenge, but you won’t have to go through that alone. Trusted Newport Beach sign provider Focus Signs & Graphics is here to give you the signage solutions, practical advice, and all-out customer support that you need. We’re excited to use our knowledge, equipment, and experience to help your business grow.

With indoor signage by Focus Signs & Graphics, you can expect higher customer footfall, more positive employee morale, stronger brand reinforcement, and, ultimately, some real impact on customer purchasing decisions.

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Interior Signage For Office Buildings

Attractive Indoor Lobby Sign

If your business is located in an office building that houses other businesses, you would know how challenging it can sometimes be to navigate the entire commercial space just to get to your spot. If going in, getting around, and getting out of an office building is a hassle, this inconvenience can easily become a turn-off for many customers, and that’s never good for any business.

Some businesses give their receptionist the extra task of assisting clients and potential customers with directions and navigation. This may be one solution to the issue, but it definitely isn’t the most effective and efficient one available. The most practical, convenient, and economical solution for your business and building’s concerns regarding wayfinding would be brand-cohesive indoor signage with intuitive designs and placement.

These types of signs can range from wayfinders, directional signs, directory signs, hanging signs, room IDs, door signs, to wall decals, glass films, and vinyl banners. High-quality indoor signs that are professionally crafted by trusted sign companies such as Focus Signs & Graphics allow your customers, staff, and guests to get around your space and go from point A to point B in a smooth, hassle-free manner.

Here at Focus Signs & Graphics, we make sure that the signs for your office building and commercial space are smartly designed, creatively crafted, and strategically installed. No matter which indoor sign type you need, we can assure you that we have the best team materials, substrates, inks, and process to get it all done for you.

Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs

Promotional Sign

Indoor signs are multipurpose and can be used custom-crafted to accomplish many different purposes, depending on the business or organization that gets them made. When it comes to businesses in the retail and restaurant industries, indoor signs are typically used for product promotion more than for brand reinforcement. Introducing customers to products, services, food, and beverages offered often gets prioritized over an introduction to their overall branding. But here at Focus Signs & Graphics, this doesn’t have to be the case.

We help give your brand the visibility that you need and at the same time promote the products and services that you offer. As a trusted Newport Beach sign company, Focus Signs & Graphics has catered to the signage needs of countless retail shops and restaurants and we are proud to have successfully promoted and strengthened their brand.

Focus Signs & Graphics offers high-quality, brand-coherent indoor signage perfect for retail stores and restaurants. These include enticing menu boards, strategic hanging signs, eye-catching wall murals, intuitive directional signs, versatile vinyl banners, and convenient point-of-purchase (POP) signs. Every single indoor sign we create for you is sure to highlight your brand identity, connect with your customers, and convince them to make a purchase. We’re excited to be part of your business’s growth and expansion.

Signs for Warehouses & Manufacturing

Custom Lobby Floor Vinyl Graphics

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities may not need signs the way other business establishments do, but interior signage still plays a huge role in getting their operations running smoothly. Here at Focus Signs & Graphics, we make sure that your warehouse or manufacturing facility is well equipped with high-visibility, long-lasting, and code-compliant indoor signs.

Indoor signs by Focus Signs & Graphics help you keep your workspace organized, keep access to certain areas restricted to specific people, indicate safe or unsafe spaces, effectively give reminders and warnings to staff, etc. As an established signage provider here in Newport Beach, CA, we don’t just print out signs for you. Our team of sign experts see to it that every indoor sign is designed with your brand, your business objective, as well as legal regulations in mind.

If you’re looking for indoor signs that help keep your facility operations smooth, safe, and code-compliant, Focus Signs & Graphics is your perfect provider for that!

Cohesive Interior Signs for Business

Focus Signs & Graphics has been in the Newport Beach sign industry for a long time and over the years we’ve learned that cohesiveness and consistency play key roles in any indoor sign system’s effectiveness. Constant exposure of one’s brand can help you establish a professional image for your business and help your target audience remember it more easily. But in order for your audience to easily and quickly associate signage with your business, your signs need to go by the guidelines and style set for all your other campaigns. This applies to all types of signs, including indoor signage.

Focus Signs & Graphics’s indoor signage service is designed and developed to ensure that all indoor sign products are consistent, brand-cohesive, and code-compliant. Of course, this all starts with us getting to know your business, branding style, target market, vision, goals, and budget. We do this through our free initial consultation. We see to it that before anything, we know exactly what your indoor signage needs are and how we can effectively help you meet them.

If you need design assistance, our expert sign & graphic designers can conceptualize the perfect interior signs for you, utilizing your existing colors, fonts, and styles, or creating new brand If your business is ready with your choice of indoor sign design, location, as well as brand style guide, we’re here to bring your unique ideas to life. We’re also ready to give you honest feedback, professional insight, and practical advice that you may need as we go through the sign-making process. If you’re new to this whole sign project thing and you’re not quite sure what you want or where to start, don’t worry. Our team of graphic designers, marketing specialists, sign fabricators, sign installers, and project managers are here to help you get brand-cohesive and impactful indoor signs fo of the best quality and for the best price.

Every Indoor Sign Your Business Needs!

Trade show booth retractable banner

Having been the go-to sign company for many Newport Beach businesses and organizations, you can be sure that Focus Signs & Graphics won’t just give you ordinary output. We don’t just take whatever design you have and print it out. We are a full-service sign company that takes pride in custom designs, custom fabrication, and custom installation. We specialize in providing establishments like yours with indoor signage that speak your brand, connect with your target market, promote your products/services, fit your budget, and ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

Whatever your indoor sign needs are—ADA signs, wall murals, menu boards, lobby signs, digital signs, LED neon signs, room IDs, POP signs, safety signs—Focus Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture, assemble, and install it just for you.

Our indoor sign services include:

Not exactly looking for indoor signs? Focus Signs & Graphics is a complete sign provider and offers outdoor signs, business signs, vinyl signs, and even vehicle wraps that can be custom-crafted to meet your signage needs.

Full-Service Interior Sign Manufacturers

vinyl mural installation

Focus Signs & Graphics is a trusted sign provider here in Newport Beach. We’ve worked with countless businesses and organizations and have provided them with indoor signage that not only added aesthetic value to their space, but also effectively made navigation, learning, and operations easier and smoother. We believe that our sign-making process plays a large role in our success. We work closely with every single client throughout the entire project and we make sure that they get the very best of our products and services.

Our process starts off with a free initial consultation where you sit down with one of our sign experts. We learn what your business/organization is all about, what you want to achieve, what your expectations are for your signage, what your branding style is, and what parameters our team needs to work with. With the details that we gather, we then present a proposed design and visual representation of your desired sign for review. At this part of the process, you can take away, change, or add elements of the design.

Once we finalize the sign design and the concept of the project, our team of professional sign fabricators then get to work in making your dream sign a reality. Every signage project that we produce undergoes stringent quality checks, both from our end and from yours, to make sure that they are up to standard.

When the signs are cleared for release, our team of sign installers then take over. Installation can actually be done by either our team or yours, but that depends on what you prefer and how complex the installation is. If you wish to have our professional team of installers take care of this for you, we can assure you that your signage installation will be strategic, secure, and long-lasting.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation

Newport Beach Indoor Signs focus logoFocus Signs & Graphics is proud of the high-quality signage products and outstanding start-to-finish service that we offer all of our clients. If you’re looking for indoor signs that are cohesive, regulation-compliant, durable indoor signs for your facility, then we’re here to make that happen! We look forward to helping with brand visibility, brand recognition, higher customer footfall, and better sales.

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